How not to set up a nature-loo composting toilet

When we first got here the toilet was full of poo.

Other people’s poo.

It didn’t smell or anything but we wanted to start afresh. Fill the thing with our own hard earned poo!

So, all gungho we swapped over the ‘in-use’ chamber to the one that was sitting there not in use. We did all this without needing to refer to the instruction manual once!


Everything was fine for a few weeks and then the smell started.

It wouldn’t have been so bad accept that the shower is in the same room as the toilet and the ammonia smell was so strong that you started to feel a bit faint if you were in the shower for too long. Not ideal.

About 2 weeks ago now we got serious and started again. This time we read the manual front to back, talked to the very helpful people at nature-loo (now eco flow) and we now have a completely different bathroom experience. It doesn’t smell at all.


Things we did that made the difference:

–          Thoroughly cleaned out the chamber before we attached it,

–          Bought and installed a new fan for the system,

–          Bought and started using an enzyme spray,

–          Bought a packet of ‘kick starter’ – that apparently hastens the composting process.

I can’t say if it was all or just one of these things that made the difference. I’d like not to have to buy anything to put in there.  I guess we’ll trial it without these sprays as well. At the moment it’s a pleasure to use.


One thought on “How not to set up a nature-loo composting toilet

  1. Gotta love it. What a wonderful start. My best wishes to you three. Lots of hugs from Holland. Wolf

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