Smoko #2

Whoever invented the whistling kettle was goddamn genius. Having had an electric kettle for the last 10 years I had forgotten how good the whistler is.  Not only does it whistle to let you know the things is boiling so you don’t boil the kettle dry, but it also whistles to let you know the thing is boiling so you remember you put it on in the first place and actually make your cup of tea.

So many times in the last decade I have put on the jug and then gone to do something while it boils and forgotten all about it, only to come back half an hour later and have to re-boil it…sometimes several times.  Not only is that a huge waste of power, it also means I’m not drinking enough tea.

I just googled it… Sholom Borgelman, a London sheetmetal worker invented the whistling kettle just after the first world war.  Presumably due to complaints from the trenches from soldiers who’d popped the kettle on and then gone off to do a bit of over-the-walling while they waited and forgotten all about it.

Sholom, I shalute you.

Your classic whistler

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