Smoko #4

That little red head chick finally became a ‘woman’ today.  She’s younger than the other girls and has always copped a fair bit of flak from them, plus the odd minor beating. Nothing serious – a kick or scratch now and again and a tongue lashing – but more concerning to us was that she was always being left out or chased off into a corner somewhere, or they’d all be playing nicely and then as soon as Red turned her back they’d all leg it somewhere else and leave her on her own.

But today Red became one of them, and you should have heard the fuss.  Red screeching about it like she wanted the world to know and all the girls fussing around her, showing her the ropes and whatever else it is they show each other in such times.  And then they spent the day together, very nicely, no fighting or arguing, just 3 girls together showing the fellas what’s what.

It was really very nice, and quite exciting for all concerned, but I don’t really get what all the commotion was about.  It’s not as if a chicken never laid an egg before. Anyway, good on ya Red, welcome to the family and thanks for breakfast.


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