I just had a ‘moment’.

Well, actually it was a few days ago that I had the moment but i’m only now putting the post up.

Anyway, the ‘moment’ happened as i was eating a particularly delicious smoko* and i became mindful of the work that I had put into creating that meal. Not just cooking or preparing it but growing and nurturing it. It was a happy moment as I ate and looked out over the ever expanding vegie garden.

What I ate:
Fried eggs,
Sauteed, lemony, silverbeet,
sourdough bread.

Both the hummus and sourdough were homemade and the silverbeet, lemon and eggs home grown.
In terms of weight i guess only 50% of that meal was produced at home. The wheat for the bread and chickpeas for the hummus were store bought. But both were made at home from ingredients that we buy in bulk and had significant time invested in their creation.** You could probably say that I did, in part, grow the bread because I grow and care for the sourdough culture feeding it every 12 hours – but that is a whole other story.

As you can see this moment is not hugely significant – one of those that I hope becomes increasingly more mundane (and thus insignificant) as we come to have meals that are 80-100% produced from home. So what exactly does this moment mean then? Why is it worth a blog post? Why, in fact, was it even a ‘moment’?

This moment was a realisation – an affirmation that we are moving in the right direction. A direction that we have intended to be moving in for a very long time now. A moment that showed me that we have stopped talking about and started working towards a goal that has always coloured our relationship – a moment in which the intended becomes attended to – and man, it was delicious.

*smoko, for those not familiar with the term, is an Australian expression that originally meant having a smoke break (hence J’s posts are always titled ‘smoko’ because he writes them during a smoke break). Smoko has also come to mean a tea break – particularly a mid-morning tea break. To confuse matters even more my mum and I refer to the ‘breakfast’ we tend to have at about 10-11am as smoko. This meal usually happens after we’ve done a few hours of work and really built up an appetite for the truly delicious smoko concoctions we knock up (generally heavy on the leftovers and smothered in fresh tomato, tahini and other goodness). For mum its the main meal of the day.
**off topic, but, for an understanding of how much waste you save by making your own bread see this interesting post.

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