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Smoko #something-or-other

So I’ve been writing a blog post since around Christmas about some of the challenges we’re facing at the moment (various systems in need of upgrading or fixing, buildings we need but don’t have, etc), but it’s turning into a thesis and opening it this morning made my head swim and it all seem too much.

So I thought I’d take some good advice I got (not for the first time in my life) last night, and try and be in the moment.  This moment.  Or at least write about it.

The cicadas have all but gone, and the deafening noise we’ve had for the last couple of months has been replaced by birdsong and a faint background noise of the creek, slightly higher now after recent rain. The basil and parsley (and an acre of weeds), flowering just off the veranda are filled with bees of every sort, from big bumbling ones to our lovely little native stingless ones, buzzing their little heads off.

The grape arbour, still in need of cross wires but with baling twine temporarily doing the job, now has a grape vine on one side starting its way over the roof.  It grew up there in record time, and though only currently covering about 5% of the roof space, we expect a fair bit more growth before the weather cools off.  Sadly the vine planted on the other side of the arbour died, but a random pumpkin vine that grew out of the worm castings in the potting mix is putting the grapes to shame, having covered nearly half one side and a similar portion of roof.

The sweet potatoes are powering, the arrowroot and comfrey we planted in July are in the process of being split and replanted in various spots, the tomatoes should keep producing for quite a while and we dug up our first harvest of potatoes the other day.

A chicken has been sitting on a dozen eggs for almost 3 weeks now so we’re hoping to shortly have some new additions to the family.  We’ve had her separated from the other chooks since she started sitting, and yesterday knocked up a small run for her to help keep the chicks (and mum) safe from the multitudes of things that like to eat them.  Like this little fella that spent a day and half the night trying to find a way in.


Hopefully he’ll find a way into the house roof and take out some of the antechinus and friends hiding there.

All things considered, “the moment”, right now, is fairly peaceful, pleasantly warm with a cool breeze, aesthetically very beautiful to look at, and full of things living.  There’s also a smell of bbq wafting through the air, which means lunch must be nearly ready.

And honestly, being in the moment is a good thing and something I think we should all try to do more, but finding a way of being in the moment while planning the future is something that eludes me. And there’s lots of planning to be done. And I’m being asked to supervise sausage cooking. So I shall leave this moment here for posterity – to remind myself at least that there are moments of calm amidst the chaos – and get back into it.  Cheers.

Basil, strawberries, garlic chives, luffas and severly henpecked chilli
Sweet potatoes, arrowroot
Comfrey, arrowroot, lemongrass, artichokes
The wine vine doing fine
And a pumpin’ pumpkin