[creating] home

On the 15th April 2013 we arrived at our new home – 5 very bushy acres on a multiple occupancy (company title) near Kyogle, NSW.

We have big plans and no money.

The property has a livable (very comfy but very small) colourbond shed, ample rainwater tanks, composting toilet, instantaneous gas hot water, stand alone solar system, phone, plenty of forest and wildlife and a beautiful creek complete with little waterfall and a great little hole for sitting in summer.

Our aim is to grow our food, grow our family and grow our home.

Oh, and I’ve got a PhD to keep me busy.

Sounds simple. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “[creating] home

  1. We love your plan. We were once pioneers too. You Tamari know you were with us on our first settling.
    Hard work, but lots of enjoyment.
    Good luck, to both of you
    Love you, kisses to little Isak. .

  2. Hi Tamari, how are you John and little big Izak, send me some photos. Long time no see…

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